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Printed texts

As a student or employee at Aalborg University (AAU), you are in touch with many different types of media. All of these are comprised by the copyright act. This page provides you with important information regarding those elements of copyright law that you - as an affilate of AAU - should know about before you use texts, pictures, film, or any other type of media .

Good to know

Aalborg University has an agreement with Copydan Writing that permits AAU staff and students to copy and share printed texts. Copying includes photocopying (paper to paoer) and scan from paper to digital copy. You can read more about the rules below.

what am I permitted to copy and share with students?

You are permitted to copy 20% of a printed text, or sheet music, with a maximum of 50 pages from e.g. one book during a six month period. The rule applies to printed books, monographs and anthologies as well as printed journals. The page count of a printed journal is based on the volume's total number of pages. 

You are always permitted to copy four pages regardless of the materials total number of pages - e.g. you are permitted to copy four pages of a six page publication.

Notice that you are not permitted to share scanned material anywhere except on Moodle where access is limited to AAU users. You are not permitted to share material on platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Facebook, RefWorks etc. However, you are permitted to link to the room in Moodle where the texts are uploaded.

Read more about sharing electronic material.

Read more if the publication is more than 70 years old.

Remember to add a source reference to the copies.

Title, author(s), publisher and publication year must appear on the copies whether they are printed or digita. You can add the title page or colophon on a separate page or directly on the copies.

What is permitted for personal use?

You are permitted to copy a material, e.g. an entire book, if it is for personal use only.

What is not permitted?

  • You are not permitted to make changes to an uploaded text
  • You are not permitted to e-mail or share files on other platforms than Moodle.
  • You are not permitted to scan or upload from newspapers

Questions about copyright?

All students and staff at Aalborg University are free to ask questions regarding copyright to the university library's Copyright Team at


The copyright team

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