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Pictures and graphics

As a student or employee at Aalborg University (AAU), you are in touch with many different types of media. All of these are comprised by the copyright act. This page provides you with important information regarding those elements of copyright law that you - as an affilate of AAU - should know about before you use texts, pictures, film, or any other type of media .

Good to know

In the context of copyright law, the term "pictures" covers photographs, drawings, screenshots, graphics etc. Pictures are subject to copyright law and you need permission from the copyright holder before using the pictures. To quote or simply mention the copyright holder is insufficient.

Aalborg University has entered into an agreement with Copydan VISDA that permits AAU students and staff to use pictures in papers/project, presentations etc., as long as use is limited to the context of Aalborg University. That is, you can use pictures without permission from the copyright holder as long as the pictures are accessible to AAU students and staff only. 

What is permitted?

To use pictures the an AAU context without permission

To use pictures from publications and presentations (e.g. theses, articles etc.), if you have permission from the copyright holder or the picture has a Creative Commons licence. Read about Creative Commons licences.

To use pictures where the copyright holder has been dead for more than 70 years. Read about the 70-year rule.

What is not permitted?

To use pictures outside an AAU context without permission from the copyright holder. This applies to theses, articles and other publications/presentations etc.

To use pictures of artists that not covered by AAU's agreement with Copydan VISDA. List of exceptions.

More about permission for use of pictures and graphics

Use RightsLink to seek permission for use of graphics (tables, graphs, diagrammes etc.). Read about RightsLink

Use works from picture databases that have a Creative Commons licence. Go to picture databases.

Use of works of art

You are permitted to use works of art and descriptive works that have been made public for reproduction in critical or scientific presentations. However, it is recommended that you obtain permission from the copyright holder. 

Reproduction must be in connection with the text and in accordance with good practice and to an extent that is contingent with the purpose. 

You are not permitted to reproduce for business purposes.

Pay attention to GDPR if using photos of people. Read more about GDPR at AAU.


Questions about copyright?

All students and staff at Aalborg University are free to ask questions regarding copyright to the university library's Copyright Team at


The copyright team

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