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As a student or employee at Aalborg University (AAU), you are in touch with many different types of media. All of these are comprised by the copyright act. This page provides you with important information regarding those elements of copyright law that you - as an affilate of AAU - should know about before you use texts, pictures, film, or any other type of media .

The Copyright Team consists of staff at Aalborg University Library that have experience in handling copyright issues in relation to printed library material, licence agreements for online resources, Open Access and publication, teaching, as well as interlibrary loan. The members of the team are not professional lawyers, but they have worked dedicatedly with copyright issues since 2011. 

Assistance and guidance on copyright issues for AAU students and staff

The purpose of the copyright team is to draw attention copyright issues at Aalborg University, as well as to pass on content of the university's copyright agreements that may be of relevance to students and staff at AAU. Thus, students and staff at AAU are welcome to contact the team if they have questions regarding copyright at

In the end The responsibility is yours

According to the Copyright Act, you are to be held responsible whenever you use texts, pictures, film, or other types of media content for academic purposes.

The Copyright Team at Aalborg University Library provides general information on copyright issues. The team does not provide legal counselling, and its advice does not substitute legal counselling. The Copyright Team disclaims any responsibility for actions or consequences of actions based on information provided by the team.

The copyright team

This page is regularly managed and updated by the Copyright Team at Aalborg University Library. Latest update: March 2022. “Fotos:”