Teaching & copyright

Teaching material 

In principle, teachers have the copyright to their own  teaching, including e-learning material (text, film, pictures etc.), but also physical material, such as slides, instruction manuals etc. 

In relation to both recorded teaching and the sharing of teaching materials, it is important to be aware of copyright when you include other people's material in the teaching material that you make available online. 

Recorded teaching and sharing 

A teacher must always give permission before their teaching is recorded and shared. This holds for both sharing on a password-protected platform and sharing over the Internet. In addition, a teacher who has consented to recording and redistribution always has the right to withdraw his consent. 

If sharing is done on the teacher's own initiative and it  purely concerns e-learning material that the teacher himself has prepared, and thus has the copyright for, the teacher can freely make this available and share with students and others. In the same way, the teacher can, and without further ado, remove the teaching material again. Students and others are not permitted to share the e-learning material with others or otherwise distribute it without the teacher’s consent. 

We always recommend that you make an agreement with you employer in advance. 

UBVA has made templates for framework agreements available here: 


AAU does not have central contract/consent declaration at present, but the contract unit is preparing one that takes GDPR into account.


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Copyright overview

Here is an overview of what students and staff at Aalborg University are permitted to photocopy, scan, and upload.

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