Social media

Good to know:

When you upload material to a social media platform, you give the media permission to use, share, distribute, and change what you upload. Therefore, social media can use your material for e.g. commercial purposes or sale to third party, and you give others the right to share and distribute your material

You can to some degree control how much or how little is shared depending on the media in question. This is stated in the user rights that you accept when you create a profile.

The user rights govern what, where and how others may share your social media material.

Sharing other people's social media material

There are different sharing options and rights depending on the media, and these are decisive for how you can share and use other people's material (text, pictures, video etc.).

You are only permitted to share material that has been legally uploaded, and you must always give credit to the copyright owner.

What is permitted?:

  • To share using the media's share function (different options depending on the media in question)
  • Text:
    • Public profiles/groups: quoting and paraphrasing
    • Private profiles/groups: quoting and parapharsing with permission from copyright owner
  • Pictures:

What is not permitted?:

  • To share unlawfully uploaded material

Pay attention to GDPR in connections with sharing. Go to AAU's page about personal data


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